Boost your customer service efficiency with advanced conversational and knowledge resolution tools

With 100+ innovative minds on board, OneClick Technologies addresses client needs for a simplified and personalized customer experience. Founded in 2011, we have ventured many miles to collaborate with our clients to create tailored-made solutions to boost customer interaction with the brand.

We help our clients to improve customer service by Reducing Average Handle Time (AHT), agent training costs, and query escalation costs, Optimize operational methods, and Increase first-call resolution with our easy-to-access products: OnePulse, Replic8, and OneBot.

Our   Solution

Simplify query resolution and enhance customer experience with OneClick’s innovative and advanced solutions

Enrich customer experience with an easy-to-use and robust knowledge management system for seamless conversations. Enable your contact centre agents and customers to resolve problems with an interactive solution base and Self-c

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Resolve customer queries with Replica8 - an AI-enabled troubleshooting tool that provides access to a customer experience knowledge bank for contact centre agents and customers via a step-by-step visual guide.

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Orchestrate customer interactions with an automated AI-powered conversational chatbot to save operational costs and human resources. Respond efficiently with Natural Language Processing, enabling cognitive learning via sentiment and intent analysis.

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Why OneClick for your business?


Knowledge Management

Enable seamless information transfer to contact centre agents or integrate a well-connected self-help
portal for customer queries.


AI-powered Integration

Automate customer query resolution and data-driven Artificial Intelligence for optimized responses.


Enhanced Business Productivity

Our solutions help enterprises to increase operational productivity by 56%, customer satisfaction by
64%, and the cost of repetitive queries by 35%.


Customer Retention

With an innovative and simplified self-help approach, OneClick enables faster query resolution that
initiates strong customer retention.

We help deliver transformational customer experiences globally

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Our clients

We are helping enterprises deliver great customer experience globally

Work Culture


Dive into our fun-loving work-culture

We believe in building strong bonds with our employees to enable happiness, productivity, and We are not only an expert in solving customer queries, but we are also resourceful and accepting to all individuals at OneClick Technologies.

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