Keep Your Customer Happy Forever

Engaging Knowledge Management Solution
For Your Customers And Your Teams

Centralise and focus your customer engagment in one place allowing issues to be resolved quickly and efficiently. Allow better team collaboration, while also helping customers to get the information they need at their fingertips. OnePulse is all you’ll ever need to keep smiles on the faces of your customers.
Together as One and Divided to Conquer
When it comes to dealing with customer enquiries you’d better be sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Any agent is unlikely to be able to resolve any customer request alone. They need help from other members of the team. OnePulse is designed to ensure that every enquiry has full visibility with all internal team members, and the progress of any enquiry is efficiently tracked. This means everyone knows who’s doing what and although the tasks are divided your agents act as one team.
AI Automated Enquires & Tasks
Help Agents to better understand enquiries so they can be dealt with more efficiently.
Task reminders help Agents to better understand priorities and make their lives easier
Make sure that the right Agents receive the right and relevant enquiries to optimise time
Enquiries and tasks change. One Hub updates progress helping Agents to stay on top of everything
Enabling Customers
To Help Themselves
Using next generation AI we can help your customers to help themselves. In turn this takes the strain off your customer Service Agents and helps to optimise efficiency. We can deploy our OnePulse Chatbot* on most communication channels to answer most requests for information or to suggest how customers might find what they need.
*OneBot is available as an additional module to OnePulse
One Platform
For Every Channel
The Analytics you need at your fingertips
Our management information reporting is built around your KPI’s and when you need to the statistics. Our KPI dashboard also gives you an ongoing snapshot of how your Agents are performing. With our insightful and customised data reporting you’ll have everything you need to analyse progress and to make informed decisions that will impact on your strategy moving forward.
OnePulse is engineered around you
OnePulse is customised to meet your needs because we understand that no one client’s requirements are exactly the same. We work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure OnePulse can be deployed quickly and seamlessly to enable you to get on with doing what you do best.

Talk to us today to get the very best out of your customer engagement. We’re here to help you to overcome challenges and drive business growth.