About OnePulse

Deliver exceptional and well-structured troubleshooting solutions to streamline agent-customer interactions with zero errors

  • Boosts agent productivity to troubleshoot challenging queries quickly and effectively
  • Increase existing employee skills as well as streamline the onboarding process for new recruits
  • Get access to a library of articles, step-by-step guides, visual navigation, and more anywhere,

Embed the largest repository of product knowledge to resolve any query with accuracy

Authoring Tool

With a multitude of pre-built assets, publish-on-demand resources to any agent or device with industry-standard attachments like Word, Excel, or PDF.

Interactive UI

Access our knowledge bank and navigate to any article with a well-organized information repository.


Ensures organization data segregation and customer privacy.

Decision Tree

Implement logical step-by-step decision tree guide to help troubleshoot problems with precision.

Dashboard and Analytics

Get insightful analytics on your personalized dashboard to empower effective team management and strengthen customer relationships.


Tag call resolution automatically to CRM for quick call wrap-up and reduced Average Handle Time (AHT).

Instant Publish

Update and publish your content anytime and make the latest information accessible to agents in real-time.


OnePulse's advanced ticketing system platform empowers agents to efficiently handle customer queries by effortlessly creating, updating, closing, and following up on tickets. With OnePulse, you can guarantee timely resolution of customer issues, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Agent Transfer

OnePulse's cutting-edge real-time chat feature enables on demand connectivity with agents, ensuring speedy resolution of queries and issues. With OnePulse, bid farewell to long wait times and skyrocket your customer satisfaction rates.

AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot is an effective tool for improving customer engagement and retention. It provides personalized support to customers and can quickly and accurately resolve their queries.

What kind of results does OnePulse deliver?

With OnePulse, update your current contact center knowledge base and power your business

We help businesses to translate customer queries into knowledgeable conversations as well as

  • Help to form well-trained teams, increasing operational efficiency, response quality, and customer
  • Increase revenue through high customer retention and efficient information transfer exchange.
  • Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT), customer wait time, and operational costs.

Improve customer satisfaction and support agents’ efficiency with our innovative visual navigation platform