Communication, engagement
and sharing information made easier

OneBot is an AI enabled conversational chatbot, capable of engaging stakeholders, both team members and customers, in a normal conversation. It can be integrated with online communication apps or existing IT systems or API’s to act as a concierge for the location of important information.

OneBot is a clever little bot. Based on advanced cognitive learning with advanced features like Sentiment and Intent Analysis it’s fully customisable for any business need.

Think of it as the ultimate sales, marketing and customer service concierge. Ideal for lead generation, for improving customer experience, conducting surveys, or empowering sales and support teams with the required knowledge about business.

OneBot can easily and quickly be integrated into any business. The beauty of OneBot is that it continuously learns and evolves to improve efficiencies and reduce the costs implicit with stakeholder experience management.

OneBot is Simpler and Smarter

OneBot for Sales

Your Own Digital Ambassador

Deployed on WhatsApp, Messenger, your website or any mobile app, Ezi is your very own digital Salesman

Lead Generation

Capturing prospective customer information.

Knowledge at your fingertips

Requests for company information, prices, specs, and inventory are all taken care of

Up-Sell Opportunities

Can recommend accessories and associated purchases

Store Locator

Ezi can handle technical support top provide customers with advice and solutions

Remote Payment Options Integrated

Digital Sales Channels

Can be deployed on digital and e-commerce channels such as your website, Amazon and Flipkart.

Repair Status Update

Multi-Channel Customer Engagement

Service Center Locator

Customer Feedback

Dashboard Analytics

OS Troubleshooting

The numbers speak for themselves


Reduction in
Call Volume

Reduction In
Resolution Time

Improved Customer Satisfaction Score

The numbers speak for themselves