Vodafone Chooses OneClick to Provide Seamless Customer Experience
At a Glance

Vodafone has always been known as one of the leading telecommunications providers, globally. The company also has a rich history in India. However, the Indian market is highly competitive, and smartphones have completely disrupted the sector and stimulated the potential of companies like Vodafone.

With innovative technology, Vodafone continues to attract new customers. The company wanted a solution that could enhance the communication between them and their new as well as existing customers. OneClick enabled Vodafone to not only retain the customers but also bring more customers on board, effectively & efficiently.

OneClick provided a new age self-help and troubleshooting tool, giving access of the entire CX knowledge bank to the contact centers in the form of AI-enabled smart step-by-step visual guide.

Connecting Millions and Building a Better Tomorrow

Since making the first mobile call in the UK on 1stJan 1985, Vodafone has grown into an international business and one of the most valuable brands in the world. The company has mobile operations in 22 countries, partner with mobile networks in 42 more, and provides fixed broadband in 17 markets.

The company entered the Indian market in the year 2005. Vodafone Idea Limited, formerly Vodafone India, is an Aditya Birla Group and UK based Vodafone Group partnership. Vodafone provides pan India Voice and Data services across 2G, 3G,&4G networks; and it already rolling out 5G to multiple locations in Europe. The company also offers IoT, public & private cloud services, cloud-based applications, and products for securing networks and devices. In terms of subscribers in the telecom industry, the company ranks 3rd in India and 6th in the global market.

Addressing the Challenge

Vodafone’s huge customer base started to put a lot of pressure on the company itself. Since the customers are no technical experts, Vodafone needed a service support system robust enough to quickly resolve any of their customers’ issues. Vodafone also wanted to improve their ‘First Call Resolution’ and reduce the number of calls escalated to the specialized Data Services Helpdesk.

Seaming Processes for Seamless Customer Experience

The project led to the introduction of a customized version of the award-winning OneClick’s self-help and troubleshooting platform across all the 46 contact center locations for Vodafone pre-paid and post-paid customers along with Vodafone stores.

The solution – Replic8 — is powered by a decision tree that provides the decision-based Q&A session to find the right solution. The key feature of this application is to provide capabilities of Automated Decision Tree which fetches and validates the customer information from various CRMs and reporting tools, and auto-respond the answer and move to next question in the tree till the root-cause is not identified.


The activation of OneClick’s troubleshooting and self-help solution not just improved EQ (Quality) scores substantially in Vodafone but also made the company to witness drastic improvement in its business:

Reduction in escalated calls: A reduction of 60% for calls escalated from the Customer Care contact center to the specialized Data Service Contact center.

Savings Maximization: Approximately 11.5 lac calls per month handled at Data L2 Desk at 111 call center, resulting in annualized savings of INR 65.5 million.

Decline in call transfers: Call transfers to the specialized queue reduced by 80%.

Quicker onboarding and upskilling of existing employees: Having all the required information at the fingertips led to quicker onboarding in the company and also helping the agents to up skill themselves.

Increased First Call Resolution and Improved AHT: Replic8 enabled the Vodafone’s agents to resolve the customers’ queries quickly and effectively; also resulting in improving customer satisfaction metrics including CSAT and NPS.