How the leader in Vietnam’s mobile communication market got its telecom system redefined by OneClick
A Glimpse of the Case

Prior to partnering with OneClick, Vietnamobile was vigorously looking for a business partner who could replace its existing customer-care self-help tool with a more robust and customizable solution. OneClick provided them a scalable and intuitive self-care platform using cutting-edge technologies.

About the Organization

Established in 2007, Vietnamobile Telecommunications Joint Stock Company, commonly-known as Vietnamobile is the fastest growing mobile communications service operator in Vietnam, providing 2G and 3G services on a nationwide basis. Focusing on network quality, competitive tariff, and best-in-class customer service, the company is well-positioned to rapidly increase market share and set new trends in the telecom market.

The Towering Concerns

Vietnamobile was facing performance and scalability issues with their then existing tool which was bringing them on back-foot. Also, despite being a provider of state-of-the-art services to the customers, Vietnamobile was, somehow, concerned about the level of satisfaction among their customers.

Enabling new service within the system was a huge effort on the development side that was limiting agility and flexibility within the business. Having explored a variety of support solutions, Vietnamobile rolled out OneClick and never looked back.

Strengthening the System

To bring more flexibility and scalability for the business users, OneClick provided an intuitive self-care platform to Vietnamobile. The solution with engaging UX infrastructure introduced TIBCO as a middle layer to establish a single entry & exit door for all the communication back & forth.

Promising Results

Following the implementation of the solution, Vietnamobile saw major improvements in the below areas:

Increase in Revenue: Exciting offers encouraged customers to use mobile & web channel, increasing the revenue and the subscribers significantly.

Growth in number of Subscribers: The app enabled the company in bringing more subscribers on-board hassle free and generate campaigns based on their profiles.

Self-manageable platform: The internal benefitted by having an easy content management system to configure the mobile & web channel content without the involvement of the development team. Business user benefitted by providing dashboards for presenting business reports with accuracy up to 95% on the content system itself.

Quicker onboarding and upskilling of existing employees: Having all the required information at the fingertips led to quicker onboarding in the company and also helping the agents to up skill themselves.

Enhanced User Experience: Reduced page load time, custom notifications along with user-friendly easy menu and navigation in mobile app resulted in better user experience.