How Reliance Jio, India’s biggest telecom company, benefitted with OneClick’s advanced KMS solution
The Network of Events

Reliance Jio was looking for an alternate platform to replace their then KMS solution. Their previous solution depended a lot on manual tasks and lacked in providing customization options. In a search to find a robust KMS solution, Jio partnered with OneClick for a solution with automation in true sense. From a business prospect, Jio now has got a solution to implement streamlined business processes with focus on enhanced, personalised, and simplified customer experience.

The Indisputable Tech Giant

Launched in 2015, Jio has already become the largest mobile network operator in India. The company is creating a massive digital ecosystem for a billion of people by providing wireless telecom products and services. Jio offers voice, data, and messaging services, as well as distributes smartphones and hotspot devices. Its areas of research, development, and new service deployment include- blockchain, AI, open-source platforms, next-gen cloud services, data analytics, and IoT.

The Breakage

In their journey to be the global telecom leader, Jio needed a way to scale customer support effectively. There were two big challenges when the company started growing; dealing with an increasing contact volume, and dealing with increasing complexity. Jio realised the importance of an advanced Key Management Service (KMS) system. They needed to gain in-depth insights into customer experience, linked with network behaviour and serviced incidents. Before partnering with OneClick, Reliance Jio was using an outdated KMS solution. Due to the absence of automation, the contact centres agents had to perform a lot of manual work despite using a KMS.

OneClick Activated New Possibilities for Jio

OneClick already had a flagship product – OnePulse– for enhancing customer engagement, specially designed for Contact Centre Agents. The system is powered by Decision Tree which provides the decision-based Q&A session to find the right solution. This solution has had been developed to integrate automation with other CRMs and reporting tools. The key feature of this application is to provide capabilities of Automated Decision Tree which fetches and validates the customer information from various CRM tools; and auto-respond the answer and move to next question in the tree, till the root cause is not identified.

The OnePulse Effect in Jio

The ramifications of OneClick’s advanced KMS Solution transformed Jio’s customer engagement beyond their expectations. The key visible effects of the solution are listed below:

Reduction in escalated calls: A reduction of 60% for calls escalated from the Customer Care contact center to the specialized Data Service Contact center.

Automation in Processes: Earlier, the Jio contact centres’ agents were looking into multiple environments for customer needs. Post-deployment of the project, the KMS centralized all the platforms and automated it.

Productivity Increased: An internal KMS helped Jio’s team to grow more effectively by organizing all relevant knowledge in one place so new agents didn’t have to run around for help.

Reduced Wait Time: Having the agents with required knowledge to adequately resolve issues, the company became abled to extensively drop the Average Call Handling Time.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: With even the non-trivial queries been resolved easily and timely by the Jio’s agents, the greater level of customer satisfaction achieved.